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Tell me what you know about these electric Sheep!

electric sheep
This sheep was designed by brood.

I was cruising around the internet trying to understand what someone was explaining to me over the phone when I stumbled over Generation 244.  Electric Sheep is a collaborative abstract artwork that runs like the borg on Star Trek (multiple disparaged network nodes.  Check out the flock of electric sheep, click through each image for the full video – (videos are short).

Focus, an Audio Documentary by Ian Desmond

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I love the electronic music making process. I started a new song yesterday entitled Focus, and can tell this is going to be one of those tracks that changes 100 times and ends up a different track 10 times over. So i decided to document it this time for analysis later. I will be keeping every bounce of this track and posting the iterations on​esmond and requesting feedback you as I work to a state of completion on this piece. Those with comments and feedback that I find interesting may be asked to perform a remix if they like.